Stories That Embrace Our Fellow Earthlings

earthlings poster

There’s a new PETA video on YouTube narrated by Joaquin Phoenix about the horrific Chinese dog-leather industry. A few seconds of this exceedingly graphic video was all I could take, and all I needed to remind me of the power of film to so swiftly, albeit heartbreakingly, enlighten, and the power of our purchasing dollars. With this forewarning, I’ll link to it here.

Documentaries such as Blackfish and The Cove highlight egregious lapses of humanity towards our fellow earthlings.  There are many sources to watch and learn more about these documentaries online: The Humane Society’s ACE award winners list is here.  The Top Documentary Films website includes free online viewing of documentaries with Nature and Environment categories.  Tribe of Heart is dedicated to making films that ‘awaken compassion and deepen understanding of the inter-connectedness of all life.’  Wikipedia has a section on ‘Documentary films about animal rights.’

The Cove
Earthlings (complete on YouTube)
Food, Inc
Silence of the Bees (PBS Nature, complete on YouTube)
Jane’s Journey

blackfish poster

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