Dear Ms. Rhimes… (thoughts on ‘Scandal’)

shonda kerry

Shonda Rhimes is an awesome, wise, powerful woman who creates awesome, wise, powerful women characters.  I’m a big fan of her creation, Olivia Pope (and Kerry Washington), but darned I’m disappointed in the last four episodes of Scandal.

Not just that a woman had to be rescued yet again by the ubiquitous (in Hollywood) straight white male, but that OLIVIA POPE had to be rescued by them. DARN IT.

The great and wise and powerful Olivia was darned inept for FOUR shows while the straight white males tried to figure out how to rescue her (Fitz, Jake, Cyrus*, Huck, Stephen, etc).  NOT what I tune into the show for.  (*Okay, Cyrus isn’t straight, but white male applies.) Points for the one person in the war room that spoke sense being a woman.  

I was hoping for a true Olivia Pope resolution. Olivia should have (brilliantly) gotten the jump on her kidnappers and left everyone else–all the bidders, White House, Gladiators, etc, –completely befuddled on how she did it…

To wit: (this will only make sense to those who know the show)

The auction suddenly closes down.  Everyone is in a panic, wondering why.  We think Olivia is doomed.   Cut to:

– A phone store clerk rings up a cheap pay-as-you-go phone for an unseen customer.

– An Apple store ‘genius’ rings up a Macbook Air.

– An upscale hotel receptionist checks someone in.

–  Fine hotel room.  The Macbook Air powers on. Just the screen is seen, with a Cayman Islands bank account page. The balance is $2 billion dollars. One by one, wire transfers are made, sending the money to a variety of top-notch charities. Finally, $5 million is left.  A pause. A charity is considered, but instead the person logs off.

Still in the same room, the text screen of the cheap pay-as-you-go flip phone appears, full of a whole list of blind-copy recipients (Fitz, Jake, Cyrus, Abby, etc)… The text is typed in:  “I’m free.”  And sent.

There’s a knock on the door. Whoever was on the computer and phone (we see their point of view, not the person) gets up, checks the door viewer, opens the door.  A waiter wheels in room service. He uncorks a bottle of red wine, then takes the silver lid off a food entree to reveal: a bowl of popcorn. Stevie Wonder’s “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing” plays.

End of Episode

(Next episode, begin with how she did it.)

woman in war room scandal

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