Marion Cotillard, ‘Two Days, One Night’ and How Film Has Depicted Women in the Workplace

Source: Vanity Fair

two days one night

Why Marion Cotillard’s Oscar Nomination Is a Landmark for Working Women

Two Days, One Night asks if women can have it all—but makes work, not romance, the most crucial element.

“… By nominating Cotillard for a best-actress Oscar for Two Days, One Night, the Academy validated not only the star but the character she plays, a rare on-screen depiction of a woman for whom work is tantamount to life. “If you don’t have a job, you are made to feel like an outcast from your community,” the film’s co-director, Jean-Pierre Dardenne, said in The Guardian last year. With the increasing number of women in the labor force –almost 60 percent of women now work, and 40 percent of American households have mothers as the sole or primary earners—the work place offers them as much of a sense of belonging as men. Yet women largely occupy lower positions than men, are paid less than them, and in some industries, are far outweighed by them; in Jean-Pierre Dardenne’s words, they “are more fragile and weak within the environment of work.” That women can value labor as much as men and yet be considered less valuable than them in that context is a paradox rarely explored on film…”  (Complete article at the source.)

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