Eamon Farrell Talks About Homophobic Bullying and How His Little Brother Colin Defended Him

Source:  The Independent (IE)

colin farrell and eamon

Eamon Farrell: Little brother is watching you

His movie-star brother Colin gave a moving interview about him on Claire Byrne Live last month. Eamon Farrell tells Barry Egan about the bullying he received as a gay teenager in school, and how he hopes marriage equality will pass in Ireland because he wants his union with Steve Mannion to be as equal as any other person’s marriage

“… In 1992, Eamon Farrell completed a degree in psychology at University College, Galway, ostensibly to find out who he was. Who Eamon was, was a young man who had been through a lot – sometimes too much – in his life but came through it. He personified that Nietzsche quote of what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger…

…’The bullying started so early but I never let it get to me. It was always a struggle. So in the struggle and in the fight I found the strength to be who I was…’

He never told his parents what was happening to him at school. Coming home from school, he would hide his bloodied shirt and, more crucially, his emotions from his parents and his siblings. To hide that amount of psychological pain from his family from the age of eight to 15 – when he left Synge Street – Eamon Farrell must have been an actor on a par with his younger brother Colin.

Colin, he says, ‘protected me. Now he is eight years younger than me, but he acted the part of the big brother. Because I’m not aggressive at all, or violent at all – I hate fighting. But he would do that for me. Colin would protect me. If someone called me names on our road he would go out and kick the shit out of them…Honestly! The little size of him! He was a little terrier, but I. . .wasn’t…’ ”  (Complete article at the source.)

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