Standing Room Only in Times Square For ‘Fresh Off The Boat’

Source: Vulture

fresh off the boat

Watching Fresh Off the Boat With 999 Asian-Americans

Circle, a nightclub in Times Square better known as the epicenter of Korean nightlife in New York City, hit its 1000-person capacity on a Wednesday night. Some people had been waiting in line since 6 p.m., and the bouncers turned away latecomers at the door. Inside, those with the best view of the giant projection were a fleet of well-heeled women parked in the lounge area whom a publicist told me were “community influencers.” Hip-hop-heads clustered around the mezzanine near the bar, and a group of kids peered down from the railings on the opposite side. On the dance floor, it was standing-room only: Hundreds of people, most of them young and Asian-American, stared up at the screen, waiting. They were here for a “live community viewing” of restaurateur Eddie Huang’s memoir turned sitcom, Fresh Off the Boat, the first show about an Asian-American family to air on broadcast television in over 20 years. They were here to cheer on their own and to commune with one another. They were here to represent…  (Complete article at the source.)


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