Anthony Anderson in Variety’s “Broken Hollywood” Edition

Source: VarietyBroken Hollywood edition

anthony anderson

Anthony Anderson: Black Talent Can’t Wait for Change, Need to Bank on Themselves

They talk about the blackout at the Oscars. Let’s look at the blackout that’s been on network television. Why is that? I don’t think that question can truly be answered by the minority. When you look at America as a whole, everyone from every walk of life is living in this melting pot, but when you look at television, it isn’t a true or complete representation of what our society is. We all have stories to tell, but the stories that are being been told in network TV are one-sided. Now we’re finally starting to sprinkle some color into those stories — and they are stories that people are interested in seeing. But that interest has always been there. It’s not a fad. (Continued at the source.)


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