‘Selma’ Director Ava DuVernay at Sundance Being Awesome

Source: YouTube, YouTube, YouTube

ava duvernay

“Go forward. Who are we asking for permission to do what we want to do? Set a path and start walking.”

On “Selma,” LBJ, MLK, Hoover, Malcolm X, and screening “Selma” at the White House one hundred years after the racist “Birth of a Nation” screened there.

On Hollywood’s lack of diversity and Oscar snub and the mostly old white male Academy voters: “Folks see film, see history, see art, see life, through their own lens, and when there’s a consensus that has to be made by a certain group, the consensus is most likely going to be through a specific lens. Unless there’s diversity amongst the people that are trying to come to a consensus, there’ll be a lack of diversity in what the consensus is… but it’s not about ‘Selma.’  ‘Selma’ shouldn’t have been the only hope for faces of color in this kind of celebration.”


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