The Smart Money: JLo Over Depp

Source: Forbes

lopez boy next door

Friday Box Office: Johnny Depp’s ‘Mortdecai’ Flops, Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Boy Next Door’ Scores

The top new opener of the weekend was the Jennifer Lopez potboiler The Boy Next Door. The $4m Universal/Comcast Corp. release earned $5.7 million on its debut Friday. That puts in in line for a $15m weekend, or about four times its budget. This shouldn’t be too surprising, as Lopez is one of the more recognizable people in the country and there hasn’t been much over the last few months that explicitly targeted women above the age of puberty. A $16m debut would be right in the upper-level of her wheelhouse as a lead, and it’s her biggest live-action opening since Monster-In-Law’s $23m debut in May of 2005, which remains her biggest live-action debut weekend. Make fun of her and the unapologetically trashy-looking film all you want, but she is a name and she gets people into the theater. If it plays similar to Halle Berry’s (painfully underrated) The Call from March 2013 ($6.1m opening day/$17.1m debut weekend/$51.8m domestic final), it gets to around $45m and earns over ten-times its budget just in domestic theatrical. That’s one way to make money.

Certainly not earning ten-times its budget back in domestic theatrical was Johnny Depp’s Mortdecai. The $60 million Lions Gate Entertainment/Odd Lot Films production earned just $1.47m yesterday. (Continued at the source.)

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