Country Radio Prefers Men

Source: MJsBlog
Other Sources: Billboard, Nashville Scene

country music female

Country radio’s gender imbalance remains a vexing topic that seems to defy explanation. A few months ago, we took a look at the question of whether the imbalance was simply the byproduct of labels promoting more male talent than female talent, and found that, when it came to new talent, females comprised 40% of new acts brought to country radio by Music Row’s biggest labels since 2008, but only 28% of those scoring their 1st t20 hit and 0% of those scoring their 2nd t20 hit in that timeframe. In other words, female representation among new acts breaking through has been disproportionately low even after you consider the number of females being promoted versus the number of males.

So after seeing just 1 bulleted female in the curent country airplay t20, it’s time to consider another explanation. In an excellent interview with The Nashville Scene, the most acclaimed new artist in The Scene’s Critics PollAngaleena Presley (whose American Middle Class is an excellent collection of frank, well-written character sketches about imperfect people and what they do to cope with everyday struggles), discussed male domination on country radio:

If I had to venture a guess, in country music right now the men have a multimillion-dollar formula, so why not follow it? Even Miranda and Carrie Underwood don’t sell as much as the men do.

This is a commonly cited explanation, but it’s one that’s just not true. Let’s look at album sales.  (Continued at the source.)

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