When Profits and Misogyny Prevail Over Humanity and the Justice System

ravens on twitter janelle apology

On February 19, 2014, TMZ posted video of Ray Rice dragging his unconscious fiancée out of the elevator in an Atlantic City Casino.  Though admitting he’d knocked her out, he was given a two-game suspension and a standing ovation by Ravens fans, while being lauded by the NFL and Ravens staff.

They made his fiancée publicly APOLOGIZE for her ‘role’ in the ‘incident’.

THE CONCLUSION of the NFL, Baltimore Ravens, Atlantic City justice system and some NFL fans:  There are justifiable reasons for a 212-pound professional football player to beat a defenseless woman unconscious.

Only now, nearly nine months later, when video of his vicious attack inside the elevator was posted by TMZ, Rice gets kicked off the team and suspended from the NFL ‘indefinitely,’ leaving the door open for his return.

And all those executives and law-enforcement officials involved still have their jobs, protecting the almighty billion-dollar profits of the NFL, promoting misogyny by default.  And the NFL is allowed to churn on, business as usual.


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