That’s Not Humanity, That’s Damage Control for Protecting Profits of a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Source: The Daily Beast

ray rice

How Could the NFL Not Know About the Brutal Second Ray Rice Tape?

The league says it had no idea about the video released Monday that shows the now former Ravens running back savagely attacking his fiancée. Why fans just might have to buy the spin.

Day by day, the National Football League is transforming into less of a sport and more of a full-time damage control operation. Today’s crisis is the release from TMZ Sports of the previously unseen footage of Ray Rice, the Baltimore Ravens running back, beating his then-fiancée and current wife in an elevator until she was unconscious.

Before Monday morning’s revelation, the public had gotten only a glimpse of the February attack’s aftermath, when Rice dragged her body like a particularly cumbersome sack of potatoes into the lobby of the Revel casino. You can watch the brutal crime itself here, but it’s really not necessary. As with the recent hacked celebrity photos, the victim did not consent to this material being made public. If you feel the need to respect Jennifer Lawrence’s privacy, I strongly urge that you do the same for Janay Rice. In February, witnesses told Deadspin that Ray Rice threw an “uppercut” and struck her “like he [would punch] a guy.” Take my word for it that that’s what occurred.

As a result of this second tape, the Ravens terminated Rice’s contract Monday afternoon. Seemingly a microsecond later, the word came down that the NFL was suspending him indefinitely

… So if you’re heartened by Monday’s punishment, it’s important to remind yourself that it’s all just so much spin born out of the NFL’s clumsy arrogance and general lack of humanity. The suspension, both the inadequate two-gamer and Monday’s release and indefinite ban, doesn’t change the fact that the NFL doesn’t care about domestic violence. It didn’t care when Jovan Belcher shot his wife. It does not care that Ray McDonald suited up this weekend for the San Francisco 49ers or Greg Hardy did the same for the Carolina Panthers. If the second tape weren’t being played and replayed horridly on screens everywhere, Rice would be getting ready for practice come Friday.

For now, Rice is gone, and the NFL will point to its new zero-tolerance policy and shake its head sadly. Don’t buy it. That’s not morality. That’s damage control.  (Complete article at the source.)


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