White Male Marvel Studios President Clearly Doesn’t Give a Sh*t

Source: Hollywood Reporter

black widow

Marvel Studios President Addresses Lack of Female-Led Movies

“I hope we do it sooner rather than later,” said Kevin Feige about the possibility of a female superhero being given the spotlight.

Following fans upset at the apparent removal of the character Janet Van Dyne from next year’s Ant-Man — and the long-term dismay about the lack of a solo movie for Scarlett Johannson’s Black Widow character — Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has opened up about the possibility of a female-led movie from the studio.

“I very much believe in doing it,” he told Comic Book Resources. “I very much believe that it’s unfair to say, ‘People don’t want to see movies with female heroes,’ then list five movies that were not very good, therefore, people didn’t go to the movies because they weren’t good movies, versus [because] they were female leads. And they don’t mention Hunger GamesFrozenDivergent. You can go back to Kill Bill or Aliens. These are all female-led movies. It can certainly be done.”

However, that doesn’t mean that Marvel has plans to create such a movie anytime soon, he warned. “We find ourselves in the very strange position of managing more franchises than most people have — which is a very, very good thing and we don’t take for granted, but is a challenging thing,” Feige said, asking whether “you have to put one franchise on hold for three or four years in order to introduce a new one” in order to create a female-led property for the studio.

“I hope we do it sooner rather than later,” he said. Currently, Marvel’s known future projects include Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man for 2015, Captain America 3Thor 3Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Doctor Strange. Feige also has suggested that a thirdAvengers movie could be planned for 2018.


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