Geena Davis Voices a Self-Sufficient Princess

Source: NY Daily News

gena davis disney

Geena Davis gets all dolled up for women’s equality on ‘Doc McStuffins’

Disney series brings star aboard for voice work as princess who can take care of herself, thanks

This little Disney princess doesn’t need any help — even from “Doc McStuffins.”

Geena Davis provides the voice for Princess Persephone (or “Peri,” as she likes to be called), a doll in Friday’s new episode of the Disney Channel’s hit kiddie show “Doc McStuffins” (9:30 a.m.).

Peri isn’t your stereotypical princess in peril — and that’s exactly why Davis is happy to help bring the character to life. 

“She has a very unconventional encounter with the cast of the show,” Davis told The News. “Peri is in a tower and wants to get down, so a chivalrous knight toy declares he will come and rescue her. But she explains that she can get down herself.”

The role ties in nicely with Davis’ work as founder and leader of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media.

She launched the group in 2007 as a research-based organization that aims to engage, educate and reduce stereotyping. It supports the creation of diverse female characters in entertainment for kids 11 and younger.

“The poor knight gets a little upset and says he’s supposed to rescue princesses,” says Davis. “So Doc’s idea is to have a tournament between the knight and the princess, and in the end they both come out pretty even. It’s a good message.”

On the show, Doc is a smart, sweet little girl with a magic stethoscope that brings stuffed animals and other toys to life.

When a toy is broken, she brings it to her “clinic” — a backyard playhouse where it gets a checkup, diagnosis and treatment.

The show’s goal is to teach children not to fear doctors. It’s among the most-watched series for young kids.


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