Filling the Void of Female Superheroes

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10 Female Superheroes Marvel Should Make into Films and Series Soon

Female superheroes are suffering severely in today’s industry. While some probably aren’t fit for a full on solo movie, many are ready to get more love from the movie-goers. Many are set up with amazing stories that could also serve very well in TV series, and others would probably be best as major characters in an ensemble film. Take a look at my list of the female superpowers of the Marvel universe that I firmly believe would be great additions to the film universe. 


Despite the name, Spider-Woman is actually very much unaffiliated with Sony’s Spider-Man, with the original writer taking great leaps to avoid any kind of team-up between the two similarly named heroes until 1996, which to my understanding was the start of the duo’s beginnings together in the comics. Because of this, Marvel can still feature this absolutely amazing superhero in both their films and TV series if they so choose. Spider-Woman could appear as Jessica Drew, or as her successor, Julia Carpenter who could also go by Arachne, which would likely be the easy way out to avoid franchise confusion.

Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is definitely both a fan favorite and a studio favorite, as there have been numerous suggestions that the studio has an abundant collection of development towards a potential movie. Having been a major Avenger, and successor to one of the classic Avengers, Captain Marvel (later even taking up his mantle), she’s a necessity to the Marvel comic universe that should definitely transfer over to cinematic universe. Not featuring her in the films would be a disappointment and a major wasted opportunity.


Thanks to recent controversy about her sexual appeal in comics, as well as poor fan information about Bruce Banner’s potential new love interest, She-Hulk has been brought up once again into pop culture. However, if fans actually knew the character, they’d know she’s Banner’s cousin, and never once suggested to be his love interest. Nevertheless, She-Hulk is the Marvel embodiment of feminine power, and would be one of the most perfect solo franchises to break the ice on female superheroes.

The Wasp

Everyone wants to know: Is Evangeline Lily’s mystery role in Ant-Man actually Janet van Dyne, better known as her superhero identity the Wasp? Surely they wouldn’t make Janet to follow the comics and be the love interest of Michael Douglas’s character Hank Pym: this would likely make Janet too old to become an Avenger. Considering Avengersdirector Joss Whedon was originally planning on the Wasp being the female lead in place of Black Widow, Marvel wouldn’t take the chance of simply tossing the character off the table like this. Still, whether featured in Ant-Man or not, Janet deserves her own film.


Elektra fans might have been a bit distraught to learn that Luke Cage’s love interest, Jessica Jones, would be getting her own TV series before Daredevil’s love interest Elektra. So, if the Daredevil series turns out as expected, whose to say an Elektra spin-off series couldn’t come after? Nobody, that’s who! We need a bit more of the street-level heroes anyways, right? So far, we’ve had nothing but the major heroes: the ones that save the planet from threats to mankind: but we need some heroes to save mankind from itself. Hence, the desire for an Elektra series.


You’ve probably never heard of Clea. That’s good, because that means she’ll be a pleasant surprise to you! Clea is actually a sorcerer. Perhaps a sorcerer seems a bit far-fetched at first until you realize that she’s also the only real love interest of Doctor Strange, and besides Hank Pym’s wife, is the only super-powered love interest of a solo film superhero. Given, she would likely be a spin-off of the Doctor Strange movie, but if Black Widow and Hawkeye are in consideration for spin-offs, Clea can be too.


Somehow, despite being a recurring hero in the Marvel Universe, Valkyrie has not made her way on screen in any of the Thor movies. Having been a character in both the Secret Avengers and the a member of the Doctor Strange-lead Defenders since the comic bookDefenders #4, its always possible she could be introduced in the next Thor film for the sake of having her in the MCU so she can go on to join the Defenders. Perhaps she wouldn’t be the best to have her own movie, but her story, similar to the first Thor, could serve as a pretty awesome TV series.


Stature is already being teased in the movies. With storyline leaks suggesting that Cassie Lang, daughter of Ant-Man alter-ego Scott Lang, will be the driving motivation for Paul Rudd’s character, we may see Cassie become her own superheroine Stature in an Ant-Man sequel film. With the amount of destruction a superheroine the size of skyscrapers could do on screen, surely Marvel won’t back down from the challenge!


Mockingbird is closely related to the Avenger Hawkeye, as well as Captain America’s nurse-from-down-the-hall who turns out to be a SHIELD Agent, Agent 13. Being Agent 19 herself, Mockingbird has abilities equal to Black Widow when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, and is actually married to Hawkeye. If they ever were to do a SHIELD movie, you could be sure that Nick Fury, Agent 13, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Mockingbird would be featured. Say hello to the coolest movie idea that will likely never happen.


Daughter of none other than the comic relief of Guardians of the Galaxy’s Drax, Moondragon is a hero that may be coming quicker than you think. No matter which side of this moral debate you’re on, Moondragon is an openly bisexual hero, and nobody can deny that Hollywood is currently taking it’s sexual diversity very seriously. Could Moondragon be introduced in the MCU, and take the risk of upsetting more conservative fans?


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