ACLU Takes on Gender Disparity in Film & TV Directing

Source: ACLU

ACLU headline

Are You a woman director? Have you faced Gender discrimination in the industry? Tell us your story.

Have you been refused jobs despite being qualified? Have you been told that a show doesn’t want women directors or won’t hire more than one? Have you consistently been given less episodes than your male peers? Have you encountered barriers to your career because of discrimination against women in directing? 

Gender disparities in film and TV directing are striking and have not improved over the last 30 years. If you are a director who has been discriminated against, excluded from directing jobs in television or get less TV work than your male peers, we’d love to hear your story to learn more about the experiences of women in the directing industry. Please tell us your story below.

If you prefer not to share any of the details of your story on this form and prefer someone to contact you via phone, please indicate that in the form. We will keep your name, telephone number, address, e-mail address, any other identifying information and your story confidential unless you give us permission to use it or unless we are ordered to turn it over by a court, although we will attempt to prevent any disclosure.

Click here for the form/more information.


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