Women Paying to Watch Women Being Treated Badly

Source: Jezebel


 Most Moviegoers Are Women, Even Though Movies Treat Women Like Garbage

The MPAA just released their annual report on box office statistics, and women continue to make up the majority of filmgoers. Women make up 52% of movie theater audiences and we purchase 50% of tickets. So why are women so poorly represented on screen and behind the scenes?

Women’s employment in film has now dipped below what it was in 1998. Female actors are relegated to less dynamic, more sexualized roles. Female characters are more likely to be naked and less likely to talk. Movies about women do well at the box office, yet rarely get made. Women’s involvement is healthy for the industry. But despite all the lip service, insiders say that Hollywood isn’t actually committed to hiring more women.

We’re filling the seats. We’re forking over the cash. We deserve better.

Via IndieWire, here’s some more data from the report:

– The international market has increased to 70% and the Chinese market crossed $3 billion this year. The international box office was 25 billion and US & Canadian market was 10.9 billion.
– More than two-thirds of the U.S./Canada population (68%) – or 227.8 million people – went to the movies at least once in 2013.
– 2-12 year olds and 50-59 year olds are the age groups that increased the most.
– Over 80% of the world’s screens and at least 50% of the screens in every region are now digital.
– The average ticket price (US & Canada) is $8.13.
– Frequent moviegoers (people who go over once a month) make up 50% of the movie audience.
– In 2013, there were more than 39,700 screens in the U.S. The majority of screens (82%) were located at venues with 8 or more screens.
– Wide release is defined as being in 800 theaters or more.
– Of the top grossing films- the male superhero movies attracted more males, and the female superhero i.e. Katniss Everdeen — attracted more women.

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