Gender Inequality in Film: Jason Segal Aside, It’s Always the Women Who Get Naked

Source: Jezebel

gender inequality

Women Are More Likely to Be Half-Naked on Screen and Other Film Stats

Nick Zurko of the New York Film Academy sent us an excellent infographic detailing just how unbalanced things are for women in Hollywood.
He writes:

I just wanted to share with you an infographic we just published to serve as a bit of a counterweight to the media frenzy over The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’s monster box office by looking at how women have been portrayed in film and found employment behind the scenes in mainstream film.

Some highlights/lowlights: Women on screen are way more likely than men to be not-talking and naked or half naked. Using data from Top Ten lists, the highest-earning woman in Hollywood makes about as much as the lowest-ranked men. And even though half of ticket buyers are women, 77% of Oscar voters are men.

The full graphic is at the source.

how women portrayed how women portrayed 2 women portrayed 3



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