Hearts to Paul Feig

Source: EW

Entertainment Weekly did an article on The Heat, that rarest of rare films with female leads (Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy), and even more remarkably, women with an actual IQ who aren’t fighting over a man or wedding venue.  It’s a take on the buddy cop genre, written by Katie Dippold, who suggested to director Paul Feig, “Why can’t the women be in front?”

Said Feig:  ”I just like the idea of the problems of two professional women who love their careers,” he adds, ”and aren’t looking for a man or looking to be married or looking to be saved.”

Wow.  I don’t know what’s more stunning– to find a male director in Hollywood who not only thinks that way but acts on it, or to realize what a sad state it is when what should be a normal, even humdrum reality (and is for the 99% of male-led films) is so rarified for women in film.


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