Sandra Bullock Tops for 2009


Good News: The “Top Money-Making Star of 2009” was a woman, Sandra Bullock.  Last time this happened was 1999 with Julia Roberts, according to the 78th Annual Poll of Exhibitors (theater owners and film buyers).  Pretty impressive, considering she was followed by Johnny Depp, Matt Damon, George Clooney, Robert Downey, Jr. and Tom Hanks.  Meryl Streep came next at #7, the only other woman in the top ten.  Sandra Bullock deserves it.  She rocks.

Not so Good News: the films that put Bullock on the top of the heap were The Proposal, All About Steve and The Blind Side.

The Proposal, ostensibly a gender reversal of Tracy & Hepburn, was more of the same for male and female leads:  Ryan Reynold’s character is  STILL the strong, even-keeled, financially independent man and she’s STILL the beyotch-y woman who needs saving.

In All About Steve she played a man-chasing, zero self-esteem woman who some have said may have had Asperger-like tendencies.

In The Blind Side she played a strong female, but the movie also played a card from the self-righteous white folks who save the minority genre, so it was a wash for me.

But then really, what good “women’s movies” are out there?  At the moment I’m drawing a blank.  Not It’s Complicated, where Meryl Streep’s character thinks it’s cute to be the “other” woman because it’s with her ex and his wife is so much younger.

Still, in a year where disempowered women everywhere drove New Moon to the 4th highest-grossing movie of the year,  Sandra is looking like a veritable lone superwoman in the land of supermen.  Thankful for small favors.


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