Buffy vs. Edward (Kudos to Joss Whedon)

I didn’t catch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series until I started to get interested in Joss Whedon, the series creator/writer. (He also wrote the movie the TV series was based on.)  I kept hearing that he wrote smart, funny, kickass women’s roles, and between that and my friend who loves all things vampire, I caved.  And was impressed.  Yes, men sometimes write much more empowering roles for women than women do.  This video, which has Buffy facing off against Twilight’s Edward Cullen, underscores the point.

2 responses to “Buffy vs. Edward (Kudos to Joss Whedon)

  1. Well Joss is awesome. i watched the series when i was younger with my sister. I’m now about 16. ‘course i only watched a few select Buffy episodes that were deamed kid OK. A year ago i got all of the series. I watched it and was left in aw. then I read Twilight. I liked that to.
    The video Buffy VS Edward showed me how incredibly creepy he was in the movie. OK he was creepy in the book to, but it wasn’t as bad ’cause you saw it through Bella’s eyes and she didn’t see it as creepy.

    • I agree, Jessica, and that’s an interesting point, that the book, seen through Bella’s point of view, lessened the creepiness of it. Certainly the author intended that, but when you put those same themes in the real world, it ups the creepiness factor, for me. For example, that she would die if she lost him (and becomes suicidal when she does) and that his overwhelming urge and instinct is to kill her, and she doesn’t care. It takes the popular theme of forbidden love to extremes that are so disempowering and unhealthy, which is when I appreciate Joss Whedon.

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