Blood Ties (2007)

blood ties


I’m new to vampire genres, but this was recommended by a friend who is a walking encyclopedia of vampire books, movies and TV shows. She shared the first season DVDs with me as a comparison at the same time she shared HBO’s True Blood. She liked Blood Ties better. I assumed I’d like True Blood better.  Not so much.

I mention it here because Blood Ties has a well-written, strong, smart, independent female lead in private investigator Christina Cox.  She shares a mutual attraction with a much younger man, Kyle Schmid, who happens to also be a much older vampire. They work together to solve paranormal crimes. Christina’s ex makes a triangle, as he’s still in love with her and he’s a cop who works homicide, so they usually have to work with him, too.

It’s Canadian and much more innocent than True Blood—if you’re looking for explicit sex and big productions you won’t find them here.

Apparently it was filmed as one season with 22 episodes, but in the U.S. it was split and marketed as two seasons.  So here, the second and last “season” is available on DVD next week, and fortunately my friend already has it ordered on Amazon.  It sounds like the final episode still had some loose ends and fans are wanting more of the series or a film to end it properly.

Kyle: “What happened to beauty before age?”
Christina (who is older): “Age stomped beauty’s ass.”


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